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Arizona Near Space Research

Promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education 
through Amateur Radio and High-Altitude Ballooning
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Upcoming Flights

Flight Number  Date  Project  Website
ANSR-assisted  Feb 10. 2024  AZ NEBP Flight test
ANSR-assisted  TBD  AZ NEBP Flight test
ANSR-150/151  Mar 23. 2024  ASCEND-51/52 Spring 2024
ANSR-assisted  Apr 8. 2024  AZ-NEBP Total Eclipse Flight

Previous Flights

Flight Number  Date  Project  Website

Jan 27. 2024
 2024 QuartzFest / Quartzsite HamFest
 ANSR-147/148 Nov 18. 2023 ASCEND-49/50 Fall 2023
 ANSR-assistedOct 14. 2023 National Eclipse Ballooning Project (NEBP)

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